9.1. UML diagrams and other resources

This page presents the UML diagrams for the Ensemble Toolkit. Additional information to help understand the design of Ensemble Toolkit is also presented for interested developers.

9.1.1. Class Diagram

The following document describes the classes in EnTK, their data members and functional members.


9.1.2. Sequence Diagram

The interaction of these modules for one successful run of an application is described in the following figure:


9.1.3. State Diagram

The stateful objects Pipeline, Stage and Task undergo several state transition during the execution of a workflow. We document them in the following figure:


9.1.4. Events Recorded

Following is a list of events recorded in each module (in temporal order). These events can be used to profile durations between two events or a state and an event.

Resource Manager

create rmgr
validating rdesc
rdesc validated
populating rmgr
rmgr populated
rmgr created
creating rreq
rreq created
rreq submitted
resource active
canceling resource allocation
resource allocation canceled

App Manager

create amgr
amgr created
assigning workflow
validating workflow
workflow validated
amgr run started
init mqs setup
mqs setup done
init rreq submission
starting synchronizer thread
creating wfp obj
creating tmgr obj
synchronizer thread started
start termination
terminating synchronizer
termination done


create wfp obj
wfp obj created
creating wfp process
starting wfp process
wfp process started
creating dequeue-thread
starting dequeue-thread
creating enqueue-thread
starting enqueue-thread
dequeue-thread started
enqueue-thread started
terminating dequeue-thread
terminating enqueue-thread
termination done
terminating wfp process
wfp process terminated


create tmgr obj
tmgr obj created
creating heartbeat thread
starting heartbeat thread
heartbeat thread started
creating tmgr process
starting tmgr process
tmgr process started
tmgr infrastructure setup done
cud from task - create
cud from task - done
task from cu - create
task from cu - done
terminating tmgr process
tmgr process terminated